CMR: Chief Middle-management Resident (medipol) wrote,
CMR: Chief Middle-management Resident

Residency, by the numbers

444: Number of inpatient admissions worked up
109: Nights on call
1: Call nights in which I got absolutely no sleep
11: Number of admissions to the MICU during that no-sleep night
0: Call nights in which I admitted no patients
0: Patients admitted over a call night on oncology covered by a colleague when I was away for a conference
3: number of times I biked home in the rain
1: number of times caught by a rain storm on the way to work
5: Codes run
0: Peripheral IVs placed
0: Urinary catheters placed
5: Central lines placed
1: Pap smears performed
2: Patients treated with adenosine for SVT
97: Most number of hours worked in a 7-day period (on Gen Med as a senior)
5:15: earliest time in the morning I arrived for a shift (in the MICU as an intern)
8: most hours of sleep on a call night (on 10-3)
6,413: Hours spent in the hospital on inpatient services; add another 1,600 hours for the ten months of electives and outpatient clinic for about 8,000 hours total
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