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Recycling myself

A year ago, I wrote a description of Cleveland to a friend that is again accurate today. So rather than come up with something new and witty, I'm just going to plagiarize myself.

I woke up this morning to hear that it was raining. Not only could I hear the rain outside my window, but the weather forecast on the radio also said it was raining. Then they proceeded with the forecast for the rest of the day: "a high around 37, with snow-showers throughout the afternoon."

I don't know about where you are from, but in my experience, when ice reaches 37 degrees, it is no longer *ice*. Seems like a fairly basic concept, but this mistake is made repeatedly by the forecasters here in Cleveland.

Now, of course, it *is* possible to have 37 degree ice -- if you'll remember back to physics, water under high pressure can exceed 212 degrees and still not become steam. Similarly, if you put ice under a lot of pressure, you can keep it in the solid phase even when the temperature goes above 32. But I know that isn't the case because Cleveland isn't under enough pressure to make that happen. In fact, I'm pretty sure that Cleveland is a vacuum. How do I know that? Because Cleveland sucks.

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